• WIS NSW Christmas Lunch (December 2017) 
    Slide pack from the Women in Super NSW Christmas Lunch with Holly Ransom as the keynote speaker. Holly spoke on intergenerational leadership and the impact it can have.
  • WIS ACT Ageing Agendas Lunch (October 2017) 
    Slide pack from the Women in Super Ageing Agendas Lunch with Professor Justine Irving, University of South Australia, as the keynote speaker.
  • WIS 2017 National Road Show - Rosemary Addis' Presentation (August 2017) 
    Slide pack from the Women in Super 2017 National Road Show speaker, Rosemary Addis, on the topic of impact investing. These slides weren't used during the event however they provide background on what she spoke about.
  • WIS 2017 National Road Show - Impact Goals and Asset Allocation Report (August 2017)
    This is a link to the Impact Management Project's 'The Investors Perspective' report which is referenced by Rosemary Addis during the Women in Super National Road Show. This report is an illustration of how we can build portfolios that match impact and financial goals with intentions and constraints.
  • Mavis Robertson Address at CMSF by Senator Jenny McAllister, Senator for NSW, Australian Labor Party (March 2016) 
    In 2016, AIST established a special plenary session at CMSF – the Mavis Robertson Address – to honour the memory of industry pioneer, Mavis Robertson AM who passed away in 2015. Speakers chosen to deliver the Address will embody the spirit of Mavis’ commitment and advocacy to improve retirement incomes – as well as other social outcomes - for women and disadvantaged groups. The address was given by Senator Jenny McAllister, Senator for NSW, Australian Labor Party and was facilitated by Cate Wood, Women in Super National Chair. 
  • WIS NSW Luncheon - The Changeing Face of Financial Services Presentation (September 2015) 
    Slide pack from the WIS NSW September Luncheon featuring a panel of guest speakers - Amanda Gillespie (Joint CEO, Lonsec Fiscal), Trish Nicklin (Senior Relationship Manager, ASX) and Carolyn Colley (CEO, Decimal Software).
  • Women in Super 2015 National Road Show - Fiona Reynolds - ESG (August 2015) 
    The Women in Super 2015 National Road Show featured London based speaker Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, Principles for Responsible Investment. With over 1400 global signatories, Fiona provided insights into how the international superannuation and institutional investment communities are dealing with the challenges and opportunities they face in implementing ESG strategies. This was a rare opportunity to hear from Fiona Reynolds, who as a previous CEO of AIST reflected lon both on the ESG challenges for the superannuation industry and on the personal challenges of leading an international organisation.


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