WIS QLD Women & Wealth Luncheon

Do men and women make different financial decisions?

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When it comes to investing and making financial decisions, most people want the same thing: the best returns with the lowest risk. But research now tells us a person’s gender can impact the way we make investment decisions.

Anatomical differences in male and female brains could explain differences in attitudes towards investment risk as well as determine the extent to which our emotions drive our money decisions.

Join us for lunch where Kajanga Kulatunga - Portfolio Specialist, NAB Asset Management  will discuss the role gender may play in decisions we make about money and will provide you with:

  • An understanding of why individuals may have different perceptions of risk
  • A practical understanding of what you can do to get the best outcomes from your savings journey.

Kajanga Kulatunga is an internationally renowned keynote speaker. He frequently presents at conferences, to trustee boards, advisers and investors. He has been featured internationally in both print and electronic media.

Kajanga specialises in Behavioural Economics and Global Assets, and leads multidisciplinary research in behavioural economics in collaboration with a range of academic institutions around the world. 

This is a not to be missed event and seats are limited so make sure you register early to secure your place!

About Kajanga Kulatunga - Kajanga Kulatunga is a Portfolio Specialist at NAB Asset Management, specialising in Global Shares and Alternative assets. Kajanga also leads research efforts in behavioural finance.

Kajanga joined MLC in 2005 and worked in various investment roles before becoming part of the Investment Management team. Prior to joining MLC, he was an Emerging Market analyst covering Asian infrastructure.

He has designed tools using insights from behavioural finance research to help investors make better investment decisions.

His current research interests include cognitive decline and investment decisions, unintended consequences of policy changes in retirement savings behaviour and behavioural investment profiling.

Kajanga has completed studies in neuroscience and behavioural economics at both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in Boston. Kajanga holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, USA and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from UNSW.



Thursday 15 June 2017


12.15pm arrival
12.30pm - 2.00pm lunch


Stamford Plaza Hotel
Raffles Room
Corner Edward and Margaret Streets


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Kajanga Kulatunga, Portfolio Specialist, NAB Asset Management

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