event recap - wis networking breakfast at the acsi conference

We were delighted to host Sally Auld, Chief Economist and the Head of Fixed Income and FX Strategy, J.P. Morgan, Australia and New Zealand, as the guest speaker at this year's networking breakfast at the ACSI Conference. Sally spoke to the audience of members and non-members about her career journey so far and her views on the ever-changing economic and geopolitical landscape.

Getting to the top of her field has been no easy feat however for Sally, the field of economics is something she loves. After spending a number of years studying and teaching the subject, Sally moved into roles in the financial services industry and has never looked back. She gave the audience some tips and tricks on what she believes is essential for success, no matter what your role is:

  • Work hard and work smart: use your time well as productive people tend to get further in life.
  • Don’t doubt your capabilities: believing in yourself and having the confidence to take on new tasks is essential to success however unfortunately this self-belief is often something that we aren’t great at.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for something: after all, the worst thing they can say is ‘no’. Sally highlighted that she is often surprised by how many people say yes and how many opportunities she has received throughout her career to date, simply just by asking for them.
  • Work with people you respect and who respect you: we spend so much time at work so it is essential to work in a nice environment. Find an organisation that has a culture you like and that works for you!
  • Keep learning and keep perspective: never stop taking on new challenges and learning new things. This will keep you interested, help you to progress and ensure you keep perspective when facing challenges.

Sally then treated the audience to a global and domestic economic update during which she discussed the rising gig economy. This change in the economy has come from a meteoric rise in jobs in the services industry which is the result of increasing real incomes in households (currently in Australia 80% of jobs are in the service industry). Findings show that when real incomes rise, people tend to spend more on services such as going out to a restaurant for dinner. One of the challenges that currently exist for the gig economy is that its growth is well ahead of policy makers who are currently playing catch up. Another challenge is the fact that workers in the service industry are often having to make a choice between having flexible working hours and arrangements or a secure job which is not an ideal situation.

This is a space that will see major change in the coming years so we will be sure to get Sally to come back and give us another update!

Thank you to our event sponsor, J.P. Morgan, for their continued support.

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