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I attended the Newday Conference as a Women in Super Scholarship recipient. Lucky me!

The conference was organised by Katrina Webb, a Paralympian and the Founder and Director of Newday. The focus was not simply on leadership, but about the need to find a purpose, challenge thinking and drive the greater good.

Here are some of the speakers who deeply moved me.

Dr Shivani Gupta spoke about the importance of leaders being driven by passion. She challenges leaders to align their goals to what makes them passionate. This, she says, brings mastery. Of the seven passions - family, friends, money, spiritualism, health, work and mind, focus on three; then do the work to master your passions. (

Dr Fiona Kerr’s take-away was that we are all works in progress. We know what ‘good’ looks like and the challenge is for us to find a way to get there. Good leaders describe the vision and get their people to see it and then to feel it. She urges us to connect, be compassionate and be brave.  (

Dr Tshering Lama shared his amazing journey from being the first little boy growing up in a Nepalese village learning to read and write and then going on to complete a Master’s in Public Health and a PhD in Telemedicine in the UK. His message is clear. Don’t try and carry others if you’re not strong enough – build your own strength first. (

At 24, Sashenka Worsmen became the CEO of Oaktree, Australia’s largest youth-run organisation. Working to elevate poverty, she manages a team of 500 staff and volunteers. Her challenge is for us to become change makers – to actively effect positive change. (

Faced with the possible death of his 10 day old baby Ella when she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, Nigel Farrow ditched his music career, ignored the fact that he left school in Year 10 and enrolled in university to find a cure for his daughter’s life-threatening disease. His message was for us to focus on how we experience life rather than on what we experience. (

It’s impossible to adequately summarise the day, to communicate the profound meaning of what was said, of how the audience engaged and connected. Words can’t give sufficient gravitas to the concepts presented or ideas shared.

It’s difficult to explain the stories shared by ordinary people doing extraordinary.

I urge you to find out about Newday Leadership and continue your own journey to becoming the leader you want to be. We are all global leaders – some of us are just waiting to take a stand.

My thanks to Women in Super for the experience.

Written by Nina Lucas, Super SA

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