sa event recap - conversations with debby blakey

HESTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Debby Blakey, gave an inspirational and thought-provoking presentation on her career experiences to date and what she has learnt along the way to an engaged audience at a recent South Australian event.

The guests were privileged to hear one of our industry’s most recognised and celebrated leaders speaking in such a candid and honest way. It is rare to receive such insight about the career of a leader, the challenges that they have faced, the career breaks that they have had and the values that they have stuck by, to help guide them towards career success.

Here are just a few of the wonderful take outs, from Debby’s presentation:

  • Raise our children to be leaders
  • Encourage debate within teams and differing opinions
  • Work out your WHY? What is your motivation? Consider engaging a coach or mentor who can help to challenge you to think more deeply about what motivates you
  • Find something you are passionate about – this might mean you need to consider changing paths or the direction of your career
  • Take advantage of the lucky breaks you work very hard for in your working life. After emigrating to Australia, Debby’s ‘lucky break’ was being offered a part time role (based in Melbourne) for the Adelaide-based super fund ISST to establish their business development strategy
  • Advocate for yourself and for those around you when you can, and use your voice and power to do so. Remember to hold the door open for those who follow you.

We would like to sincerely thank Debby for her time, enthusiasm, honesty and insights. The feedback from the event has been incredibly positive.

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