Sporting hero and Australian Paralympic gold medalist, Katrina Webb gave an inspirational and motivational presentation on the ‘Alchemy of high performance.’ This presentation helped attendees to assess and transform current habits, actions and behaviours to create a high-performance mindset.

Sharing her incredible journey with the group, including her challenges and successes, Katrina shared the keys to transforming her personal performance, and the tools that she used to implement this change. Some of the key take-outs included:

  • Change your thinking and dream big. Learn to say ‘Why not me’ instead of ‘Why me’
  • Define your personal values, what you stand for and what drives you to make a difference every day. Once you know what your values are, you can navigate the world much more easily and collaborate with people who hold similar values
  • We get what we expect, if you don’t think you’re good enough then you’re right
  • There are only 24 hours in each day. Consider decluttering the things you’ve said yes to if these things take away from your time to achieve your goals. Don’t align your priorities with things not in tune with your values. To declutter – delegate, delay or delete tasks to create more time.
  • Your personal energy plan is important to success. How will you ensure your energy levels are at optimum levels? Exercise, down-time etc. It’s best to book in time to ensure your personal energy plan is maintained
  • True personal growth happens when we step outside of our comfort zone. Even though it’s scary, it’s worth the rewards – so say “yes” to opportunities that are aligned with your values.

Thank you to all of our wonderful WIS members who attended this luncheon. 

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