Spotlight On Alex Judd


Former lawyer Alex Judd is another woman who ‘fell’ into super and has never left.  Initially seconded to a 10 month role at CareSuper, she discovered a passion for their members and for being able to help people understand the complex regulatory environment in which super sits, and has never left.

As a Senior Risk and Compliance Specialist, Alex’s role centres around supporting other teams at CareSuper, to ensure that all outcomes will benefit the fund and their members.  Her role has many facets - she is involved with their regulatory change projects, internal audits as well as providing risk and compliance support to key strategic initiatives.

Since joining the super industry, Alex has found one of the great perks is being a WIS Member.  “Through the WIS community I have had so many opportunities to get involved in many projects that help others, and help move our industry forward.”  One such opportunity was our Speaker Bureau Training a few months ago, aimed to build a group of women in Super with the confidence and skills to ensure that all conferences and panels have no excuse to perpetuate the gender imbalance by leaving women out. Alex was one of a group of talented women who were supported to grow their presentation skills and take the first steps to get more women on panels and presenting in the industry.

Alex’s advice to women wanting to sort out their super is short and sweet – “Knowledge is everything! Connect and engage with your super!”



Alex Judd is a Senior Risk & Compliance Specialist at CareSuper and has been a WIS Member since 2017.



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