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Emma Allison began her super journey as part of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST)’s SuperGrad program. After studying Commerce at uni, and keen to get exposure to different areas of investments, she tells us that ‘the program was an excellent introduction to the profit-to-member super industry, which I didn’t know much about before joining.’

This 12-month initiative is designed to identify and develop individuals driven by a purpose that transcends profits, making Emma a perfect fit: ‘I find it motivating to be working for retirement outcomes for thousands of Australians,’ she says. ‘I was interested in super, especially profit-to-member because I felt aligned to the values of the organisations, and driven by the outcomes they work for.’

As part of the program, SuperGrads are employed by superannuation funds, investment houses, banks or other entities in the profit-to-member sector, who are on the hunt for the next generation of industry leaders.

Now employed as an Investment Analyst in the Internal Global Equities team at Cbus, Emma’s role involves mostly research, and contributing to portfolio discussions and decisions. ‘My favourite thing about the work I do in my role, is that I’m constantly learning and researching a range of industries, companies and their strategies. My favourite thing about working at Cbus is the purpose of the organisation and its’ focus on members.’

When asked where she sees super going over the next 20 years, she tells us she thinks ‘super will continue to evolve as the nature of work evolves. The industry is in a really strong position to continue to deliver for members.’

Emma’s advice is specific for people her age, in the early days of their careers: ‘Check your super! Know who your fund is, make sure you don’t have multiple accounts and ensure you feel happy leaving your retirement with your fund – look at their purpose, values, investment philosophy and make sure you are aligned.’


Emma Allison is an Investment Analyst for Cbus, and is a brand new Women in Super member!

If you or someone you know might be interested in the SuperGrad program, you can find out more here.



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