Speaking to AIST’s CEO Eva Scheerlinck is incredibly special, as she is not only a proud WIS supporter, but also a strong advocate for improving retirement outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Eva’s role heading up AIST is no mean feat – as the peak representative body for the profit-to-member superannuation funds, Eva is responsible for ensuring we have a fair system that is sustainable and provides an adequate retirement benefit for members.

She is working to remove some of the disengagement many Australians feel from their super, and although she acknowledges that we still have lots to work on, is proud that we have one of the most successful retirement systems in the world and that it works for the majority of people.

"We haven't built a system yet that works for everybody, [some people] have particular limitations that put them in a class of vulnerable consumer, and we have to do better.

"Financial inclusion of all of our citizens is important," Eva says. "I find that really important and rewarding work, but there’s a lot to be done … so we need to start implementing effective change. That needs to happen to make sure that members are at the heart of the decisions we make, and the processes that we have within superannuation."

Eva would like to see the superannuation system evolve to reflect the way that we work now – to be more inclusive and successful for all Australians, especially those who are currently disadvantaged – possibly because they work flexibly, work in the gig economy, or are self-employed.

“From my perspective, that is the biggest thing we need to address sooner rather than later, otherwise 40 years down the line, we’ll have a whole cohort of people who won’t have any superannuation and will be relying on the age pension.”

Eva’s Hot Tip for ensuring your super is in top shape? When you hit milestones in your life – changing jobs, moving in with a partner, having children – have a check in with your super. Use those changes in your life as a marker to review, not only your super, but also your insurance, and make sure it’s right for where you are in your life.


Eva Scheerlinck is the CEO of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees, and is a long-standing member and supporter of Women in Super.


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