Spotlight on Jo Faggian

  Despite only having been in the super industry for a short time, Joanne Faggian was awarded the WIS Mavis Robertson Professional Development Scholarship this year and her experience and knowledge gained from the course she completed as a result will continue to benefit her and her organisation.

Jo found her way to super from the energy industry, drawn by the role ESSSuper plays in ‘supporting and protecting the future for police, firefighters, ambulance officers, teachers and public servants — while they make such an essential difference for Victorians every day.’ She has found striking parallels between the two industries – both are heavily regulated and long term industries, which creates it’s own set of challenges and learning opportunities working with concepts far removed from mainstream considerations.

Now working as Manager Stakeholder Communications at ESSSuper, Jo is responsible for internal communications, supporting the CEO and executives, as well as liaising with and coordinating communications for the office of our Minister and other key stakeholders, including media.   ‘I really enjoy being at the nexus of internal and external communications – it’s an interesting counterbalance, working with internal stakeholders to generate clear and meaningful messages. Our focus is on the member, so it helps with our brand proposition that we’ve led in member satisfaction over recent years. I believe it’s important to challenge yourself, because everyone’s interaction with technology and services is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Transforming our thinking enables us to transform our industry. The amount of information is overwhelming: we need to humanise our stories and anchor communications on desired outcomes.’

Since becoming a part of the super industry, Jo has joined Women in Super at many of our events. “I’m keen to meet new people so Women in Super has been amazing in this sense. Being part of a community is important for me. I think this is what WIS provides: a sense of welcome, the safety to be curious and to share the career journey. I also really appreciate how WIS is broadening the discourse about how superannuation is a social construct — not just an economic one.”

And her tip for ensuring your super will be up to par when you retire? Keep an eye on it and find satisfaction in watching it grow.




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