spotlight on julie steed

This month it is Julie Steed’s turn to be in the Women in Super spotlight. Julie is the Senior Technical Services Manager for Australian Executor Trustees and very passionate about one thing: helping others with super and making the best of their finances.

Julie’s passion and helpful attitude towards others regarding superannuation and finances hasn’t changed since she started out in the industry as a corporate super fund administrator. “The fundamentals are the same: helping people with super,” she says. This is, by the way, also her motivation to get out of bed in the morning; if it is not her dog that is telling her that she wants to go outside, Julie laughs.

Asked about her biggest success during her career, the Senior Technical Services Manager points out that it is to take complex superannuation information and make it easy to understand. “Even very well-educated people who hold very senior positions appreciate things being simple,” Julie finds and adds: “There is nothing useful in being highly technically competent if you can’t use that knowledge to help others.”

And what would she consider as the most significant job challenges she had ever encountered? “Not securing the training that I needed for my team,” Julie answers. A lesson that taught her to make sure she only works with organisations and people whose values are aligned with hers, particularly in respect to continued learning.

Being so passionate about her job, Julie clearly is a role model for others. However she finds that many of the financial advisers she deals with and who are dedicated and committed to helping clients make the best of their finances are great role models too.

What does Julie think the industry will look like 10 years from now? What skills will be required to be successful in her opinion? “I think continued improvements in technology have endless potential to change our industry and I am hopeful that many of these will be deployed to improve member engagement with their fund, not funds! I think the genuine desire to help people understand and engage with their super will remain timeless.”

To picture where Julie sees herself in ten years seems very easy for her: “Hopefully doing the same thing – helping people with super, because I really enjoy it.”

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