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'Whether you look forward to change or you dread it, change has a huge impact on us physically and mentally.  Knowing how to deal with change and embracing change can improve your skills and attitude to thrive.'

Rosie Davoli has a passion for change – ‘for me, change is life. Change means growth, opportunities, learning, and learning new skills.  If we did not embrace change, we would become stale, stagnant and miserable.’


For the last 10 years, Rosie has worked as a change manager – delivering change initiatives within the banking industry and state government organisations. She has recently ended up in super, as the Manager - Business Strategy and Communications at Funds SA. In her role, she contributes to the organisation’s vision by applying strategic management expertise to play a key role in the development of corporate management strategies. The role works across the whole organisation, building effective communication, employee engagement and change management capability, while leading the communication and change streams of critical strategic projects.

For Rosie, the super industry at this time is the perfect place to be – we’re an industry going through a lot of change and the growth and opportunities coming from this are endless.

Rosie has been to a number of WIS events this year and for someone who is new to the industry, she has found them to be a fantastic way to network, and to learn more about super and the wider financial services.

She will even be presenting at the WIS SA: Thriving in Change event this month in Adelaide, discussing the change process – identifying the criteria required to successfully approach dealing with change as a process, and how to learn to get motivated and build your confidence to keep on track to embrace and embed change.


Rosie Davoli is the Manager - Business Strategy and Communications at Funds SA and is a brand new WIS member. You can hear Rosie speak about change at our upcoming event.


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