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Women in Super is a not-for-profit organisation that works to improve women’s retirement outcomes, by advocating for a super system void of gender-based inequality. We do this by working with government, unions, employer organisations, regulators and superannuation funds to campaign for a fairer super system by representing the voice of women in superannuation.

In addition to the advocacy work we do, we also provide our members with various professional development, networking and career progression opportunities, including events, scholarship programs, and training sessions. It is important to us that we continue to strongly support and encourage the appointment of women to superannuation fund boards, and we work with other organisations and stakeholders to achieve this.

Our objectives

  1. Provide opportunities for members to develop personal and professional networks
  2. Foster access to professional development for members, including education and training
  3. Promote equal participation of women at all levels within the superannuation industry
  4. Improve retirement outcomes for women through awareness and advocating policy change
  5. Strengthen the Women in Super network through leveraging the Mother’s Day Classic

Our values

  • Equality: we believe in making a tangible impact on gender equality by positively championing for equal pay, leadership opportunities and comparable superannuation entitlements for Australian women.
  • History: born out of the profit-for-member super sector, our identity is defined by our heritage. Improving retirement outcomes of women is in our DNA and we are committed to supporting the sector and the aligned service providers that help us achieve this goal.
  • Career development: we are passionate about inspiring and empowering our members to achieve their aspirations. By delivering personal and professional development opportunities, we increase leadership potential and facilitate career-changing networking connections.
  • Collaboration: we will engage and work with organisations across the superannuation industry, government and community sectors who share our values and can help us achieve our goals.

Our mission

A superannuation system without gender-based inequity.


Why we exist

If you want economic security in retirement, don’t be a mother, nurse, teacher, care provider… In fact, don’t be a woman.

  • Women retire with 24% less super than their male counterparts.
  • As we begin to see the effects of COVID-19 Early Release on the super balances of Australians, we are expecting to see the gap widen, with almost 500,000 Australians totally emptying their super accounts leading the an impact at retirement of up to $95,696.
  • Women only receive 1/3 of the government tax concessions on super (men receive the other 2/3).
  • Australian women live on average 4 years longer than men, and with their lower super balances, they run out of super much earlier.



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