'I need to talk to you': The Art of having Courageous Conversations

Imagine changing your life, one conversation at a time. 

Sometimes, talking can be tough. And usually, it's right when you need a productive, open dialogue that your words will fail you. Conflict situations and other difficult conversations can be intimidating because the results actually matter: whether we're asking for a raise, giving (or receiving) some 'constructive' criticism, or even disagreeing with a friend or loved one, the outcomes of these discussions will have a real impact on our lives.

Join Vanessa Vershaw, a business psychologist, Harvard Business School coach and deep impact facilitator, over breakfast as she helps us to future-proof our skills for a changing working landscape.

In this practical masterclass, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and manage courageous conversations
  • Recognise your own barriers to having successful conversations and fully leverage your emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to spot and deal with difficult people
  • Develop skills to effectively move conversations to a constructive conclusion with sustainable results
  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness and career prospects

It's important not to avoid these conversations any longer. Don't just meet them head-on; really make them work in your favour.


With over 18 years experience of broad international consulting experience, Vanessa brings innovative, global, evidence based solutions to both public private sector clients across industry sectors.

She is considered an international thought leader and mentor in her profession of Business Psychology and is one of few practitioners who is endorsed in Australia, US and Canada.

Vanessa is known for her transformational approach, entrepreneurial mindset, creative solutions, unreasonably ambitious thought-leadership and her ability to translate and implement high level solutions into real results. Vanessa’s higher purpose is to change the world with the greater good in mind. She is a champion for social justice, diversity, authentic leadership and thinking big.


Friday 24 May 2019


7.15am - 7.30am arrival
7.30am - 9.30am breakfast


PwC Perth Office
Level 15, 125 St George's Terrace


Casual networking breakfast with guest speaker presentation


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Vanessa Vershaw, Chief Executive Officer, Reinvention Consulting

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