Many leaders approach change apprehensively and worry about how they can survive.  But, when we learn how to welcome change it can be a positive experience and help us to embrace change and thrive.

Change is upon us every day and everywhere and it can be disruptive.  Dealing with change can be stressful and even painful.  Sometimes when change happens we can suffer confusion, irritation and even fear.

Whether you look forward to change or you dread it, change has a huge impact on us physically and mentally.  Knowing how to deal with change, and embracing change, can improve your skills and attitude to thrive.

In this session, learn how to successfully approach change from Rosie Davoli, an experienced Change Manager.  You will learn the habits, mindset and process to thrive in change.


Rosie is a change enabler and executive coach who specialises in optimising leader and team performance through change.  She is a thought leader in the area of workplace change and is passionate about creating workplace cultures that simultaneously create high performance and wellbeing

She has a wealth of knowledge in assisting people and organisations to integrate change through positive collaborative engagement.

Please note: this event is open to all, members, non memebers, women and men.

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Tuesday 24 September 2019


12.15pm - 2.00pm


Super SA Member Centre
Seminar Room
Ground floor, 151 Pirie Street, Adelaide


Casual lunch


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Rosie Davoli, Manager Strategy and Communications, Funds SA

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