Strong growth in funds under management and regulatory pressure to merge will see greater concentration of the power and influence within industry super. Team expansion, moves to insource and mergers, will bring challenges to organisational culture that may threaten to erode the values at the core of industry super’s success.

There are some observable parallels between the past ascent of the big banks into positions of economic, political and social dominance, and the present trajectory of the big players in industry super. Some have posited that control and status led to the destructive risk cultures within investment and retail banking and are warning that industry super is in danger of walking a similar evolutionary path.
Where Michelle will draw on her extensive experience working in financial institutions and her more recently acquired anthropological knowledge to explore why our industry has the opportunity to avoid the culture traps on its road to global power. Heightened regulatory focus is one safeguard, but Michelle believes the industry has another secret ingredient that might immunise it against the toxins of success.
If you happen to be in Hobart for the ASI Conference (or any other reason!) Women in Super, in conjunction with J.P. Morgan, would love for you to join us for breakfast.


Michelle Gardiner has been a director of industry fund CareSuper, since February 2016. She is Chair of the Investment Committee and a member of the Compliance, Audit and Risk Committee.

Michelle’s role with CareSuper came at the end of a sabbatical during which she returned to university to study anthropology. Michelle had spent thirty years in analytical and senior management positions in stockbroking, property funds management, asset consulting, product ratings and superannuation, but could never find the words to describe the subculture that is finance. Through anthropology Michelle hoped to understand how culture is formed and how it can be changed.

Michelle holds a BEcon from Macquarie University, an MBus (Banking & Finance) from the University of Technology Sydney and a Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University. Michelle completed her studies in Anthropology at the University of Queensland, in 2016. She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Trustee Directors.

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Wednesday 4 September 2019


7.15am - 8.45am


Hotel Grand Chancellor
1 Davey Street, Hobart


Sit-down breakfast with guest speaker


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Michelle Gardiner, Director, CareSuper

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