Women in Super National Road Show 2022

seizing the power

Over the last few years we have witnessed a groundswell of young Australian women using their voice to demand change in the world that they want to live in. The likes of Grace Tame, Chanel Contos, Brittany Higgins, and Bri Lee.

Bri is passionate about action. Like us, she wants to see actual legislative and policy change when it comes to equality. Gone are the days where we repeat the same fight, over and over, generation after generation. These women are not taking no for an answer.

For this year’s National Road Show, we will harness that power to share it with you. We will remind you that every single one of us has a voice, and by using our voices we can create real change, both individually and together.

2021 saw Australia finally catching up with the #metoo movement. These young women have more agency and more conviction than we've seen in a long time. Under their guidance, we have great hope for what the future can look like, but there is a huge amount of work to be done.

We will never go back to the way things were.


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Darwin: Tuesday 13 September - REGISTER HERE
Brisbane: Wednesday 14 September - REGISTER HERE
Canberra: Thursday 15 September - REGISTER HERE
Sydney: Friday 16 September - REGISTER HERE
Hobart: Monday 19 September - REGISTER HERE
Melbourne: Tuesday 20 September - REGISTER HERE
Adelaide: Wednesday 21 September - REGISTER HERE
Perth: Thursday 22 September - REGISTER HERE

This event is open to all (members, non-members, women and men)



Bri Lee is a Sydney-based author, academic, and activist.

After graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Law (Hons) and Arts (Mandarin) degree in 2014, she was admitted to the legal profession early in 2017. Bri then completed an MPhil in Creative Writing and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney Law School. Her doctoral thesis is about defamation proceedings for ‘public interest’ journalism – a topic she has written and spoken about at length.

Her first book, a memoir called Eggshell Skull, was published by Allen & Unwin in June 2018. It explores sexism in the legal industry and justice system, and tells the story of how many barriers women – including Bri herself – face when trying to access justice. Eggshell Skull won several awards including the Biography of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards. It also received several other listings, including being longlisted for The Stella Prize.

Bri is a well-known advocate for criminal justice law reform. She worked as a Research Assistant to Prof. Jonathan Crowe at Bond University where together they co-authored a paper detailing Queensland’s consent and ‘mistake of fact’ laws. After more than a year of campaigning their work was successful, and the Queensland Attorney-General referred the issue to the Law Reform Commission. She was recognised for this work by being named one of the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Women of Influence’. In 2021, together with the Women’s Justice Network, Bri launched the ‘Freadom Inside’ initiative which gets more and better books to women incarcerated in New South Wales.

Bri’s second book, released in November 2019, is an essay called Beauty. In Beauty, Bri Lee explores our obsession with thinness and asks how an intrinsically unattainable standard of physical ‘perfection’ has become so crucial to so many.

Bri’s most recent book, Who Gets to Be Smart, was published in June 2021 and was the best-selling nonfiction title in Australia the week it was released. The book examines how power and privilege shape access to education and knowledge in Australia. It has received listings for several awards already. Bri has also written an extended essay for the Griffith Review called Holding the Baby about how early childhood education and care (ECEC) needs reform.

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